About Me

Hello, Iā€™m a Canadian Software Engineer turned Technical Product Manager currently based in the EU.

As an engineer I was focused on building high-performing, distributed systems.

My goal was to write concise code that solved a clear problem.

As a Technical Product Manager, I aim ship usable and valuable software guided by the decade of experience I have acquired from successful launches in software engineer.

Over the past five years I have worked on software projects at scale while living in East Africa, South East Asia and Eastern Europe.

I have primarily worked on Fintech projects where a large portion of my time was spent in Microfinance.

Outside of programming, I enjoy Thinkpads with Linux, Olympic Weightlifting, Esports and Cooking.

Previously, I was one-part of a cryptocurrency philanthropy project.

This project has given me the financial freedom to pursue projects that I believe have a net positive on a global scale.

The process of funding and analysis of these projects have provided me with a deep insight into technology, startups and Product Strategy that can only be received in the highest levels of Venture Capital.