Consulting Services

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  • Strategic Planning & Discovery

    • Designing Roadmaps
    • Producing Product Vision
    • Identifying Outcome Metrics
    • Envisioning Customer Journey
    • Go-to-market Strategy
    • Fast Prototyping and Market Validation
  • Research

    • Technical Whitepaper Writing and Research
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
    • UX Research and Usability Testing
    • Mapping Problem Space
    • Technical Feasibility Research
  • Product Ownership

    • Act as a Primary Point of Contact, Stakeholder Engagement
    • Backlog Management and Prioritization
    • Data, Metrics & Dashboard Setup
    • Optimizing Process, Continuous Discovery and Improvements
    • Applying SCRUM, Agile Methodology, Shape Up
    • Release Projection and Delivery
    • Analytics and Performance Tracking
  • Hiring

    • Reviewing Team Structure
    • Determining Roles
    • Sourcing and Screening Candidates
    • Coordinating Final Round Interviews