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On the blog change

*Note if you’re looking for my older posts I will be archiving them on a public repo on my github very soon

If you’re new and reading this for the first time, welcome.

I have recently updated and changed my blog to mark a turning point in my working life.

Over the past few years of my short career I have recently transitioned from Software Engineering to Product Management. This has always been my plan from the moment I finished school.

I planned for 4 phases of my tech career:

  1. Work as an Engineer to learn first principles of how to develop a software product
  2. Work as a Product Manager to understand strategies, models and delivery
  3. Work in sales to understand how to not only sell the product but also the company itself
  4. With enough experience and succcess I intend to give back and help people that have helped me.

So here we are in year 10, phase 2 of the plan.

With this change I plan on writing more about Product Management within the tech space.

Why it took years to change? Imposter syndrome and not having enough time.